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Email Marketing – Future Thought Leader Campaign

Client Testimonial

"Jo's expertise in digital marketing has been transformative for the marketing of my program, Future Thought Leader. She knows exactly how many (and on which topic) emails should be written and created for me a series which not only met the industry norm of 2% conversion rate but also led to significant earnings ($8.9k banked). I can't recommend Jo enough!"

Future Thought Leader 

This biennial program is hosted by Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor, Femily, and is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their credibility and influence within their profession, and serves as an accelerator program for feminists + queer/trans change leaders (even if you aren't an extrovert).

I supported Femily with the development and delivery of the early-bird email campaign, sending out 10 emails over a 7-day period.  The email campaign yielded a remarkable 2% conversion rate, and led to £8.9k banked earnings.

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Project Management

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design