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The Tutor Approach

Digital Marketing Training + Support

Suited to small business owners looking to boost digital marketing skills, entry-level marketers seeking development, or those considering a career shift.

Let me be your guide

This approach is where I act as your Digital Marketing Tutor. It's ideal for:

  • an individual in a small business aiming to enhance their digital marketing expertise
  • an entry-level marketer seeking to develop skills, or
  • for those contemplating a career change.

Drawing from over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, I offer personalised critique and guidance through weekly 1:1 coaching sessions lasting 60-minutes.

This includes insights in various aspects of your business to help you or your marketing team flourish.

£75 for a single session

£200 for a block of 4 sessions

Please get in touch to ask about booking a session.

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Skills I can help you develop

Digital Marketing Strategies

Learn how to create effective strategies for social media, email marketing and overarching digital marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

Discover approaches for content creation, and how to thoughtfully harness the power of  AI.

Website Design + SEO

Learn the key aspects and tools for designing websites, and sales pages plus how to create effective SEO.

Project Planning

Discover strategic planning techniques and tools to prevent burnout.

Leveraging Tech Tools

Learning how to use key marketing tools such as email marketing, social media scheduling, and online teaching platforms.

Performance Analysis

Understand what marketing campaign data is useful and how to make necessary refinements for optimal results.

Hey! I'm Jo

Although looks can be deceiving, I'm a punk rocker, novice skateboarder, Yoga teacher, and advocate for social change. 

My diverse interests contribute to a holistic approach to marketing that sets me apart

I bring to the table 15 years of experience, specialising in email and digital marketing , SEO, and AI content writing. Plus I have unique perspectives and innovative ideas that could be the digital marketing spice your business needs to thrive.  

Passionate about social change, I prioritise working with people within the creative and wellness industries driving positive impact — from coaches and consultants in, and for, marginalised communities to small business owners dedicated to a better, more inclusive world.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves using online platforms in a way that helps improve visibility, brand awareness and growth. This includes via websites, social media, and email.

What specific skills can I learn from your digital marketing training?

I offer a wide range of skills, from understanding the basics of digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media management, content creation, and AI tools in marketing to performance analysis and more. I've worked in various roles since 2007 across the public, private and charity sectors for companies based in Australia, the UK and the USA. 

How does your training support individuals with no prior experience in digital marketing?

My training is designed to cater to beginners or those with up to 5 years of experience. If you're new to the field, I can provide comprehensive training that covers all the fundamentals, helping you understand the nuances of digital marketing and building a solid foundation.

Can your training help me develop a digital marketing strategy for my business?

Yes, part of my training involves helping you develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy tailored to your business goals. I offer guidance on how to align marketing efforts with business objectives, choose the right platforms and tools, create engaging content, and more.

Let's Chat!

If you're keen to learn more about how I can help you develop your skills, or have specific questions, either ask your question via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, or send me an email.

Not ready to work with me just yet? No worries!

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