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Hey, I'm Jo

I'm more than just a digital marketing consultant, I'm your conscious collaborator. I'll work with you to amplify your visibility and elevate your thought leadership to drive your ventures towards sustainable growth.

Picture me as a hearty vegan ramen full of vibrant flavours and textures. In the same way, a ramen dish is richly layered with noodles, broth, spices, and vegetables; my life is filled with diverse passions. 

Beyond the realm of marketing, I pour my energy into skateboarding, mindfulness practices, teaching yoga, and embracing the DIY and DIT (do it together) ethos of punk rock. My passion for these alternative lifestyles extends into my writing, where I share insights on creating a life outside societal norms.

But why does this matter to you?

Just as a bowl of ramen is incomplete without its various ingredients, my diverse interests contribute to a holistic approach to marketing that sets me apart. I bring to the table unique perspectives and innovative ideas that could be the secret spice your business needs to thrive.

With a Business Management degree and 15 years of experience in marketing and communications—specialising in email and digital marketing, SEO, project management, copywriting, and AI content writing—I aim to help individuals like you navigate the often overwhelming digital marketing space.

I also express my commitment to social change through music as the lead vocalist and guitarist in the indie pop-punk band Raisin Awareness—using this platform to shed light on critical issues in a world plagued by the careless actions of corporate giants who are accelerating climate change, disregarding mental health, and perpetuating the exclusion of marginalised communities. It's this same commitment that drives me to increase the visibility of businesses who are also passionate about driving social change.

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"Working with Jo is always insightful and fun. From concept to completion, Jo’s always on top of it and has the knack of finding different perspectives or avenues to get the best out of the project, people or event. Working with her has grown our business and our expeditions of what can be achieved."

My values


My dedication to you and your business is steadfast. I work in a way that suits your pace, offering regular follow-ups and proactively addressing potential challenges. This isn't about ticking boxes; it's about crafting a collaborative relationship that enables your business to thrive.

Sharing knowledge

No worries if you're not ready to work with me yet! With my blog articles, free 30-minute consultations, and the Maven of Momentum Monthly newsletter, I aim to arm you with the knowledge you need to excel in the digital world. From email and digital marketing strategies to project management and AI content writing, I'm here to ensure the information you need is always within reach.

Growth + Sustainability

I'm not just interested in where your business is now—I'm invested in where it could be. I develop personalised growth strategies for each client, continuously reviewing and adjusting these strategies to match the dynamic business landscape. And when you reach your goals, I'll be there to celebrate with you, highlighting your milestones on my social media channels, website, and newsletter.

Social Responsibility

I firmly believe in the power of business to drive positive social change. I prioritise working with people in the creative and wellness industries who share this vision, particularly those focusing on marginalised communities. My commitment to social responsibility extends to my own practices as well, from using tools and tech created by B Corp certified organisations to advocating for inclusive pricing. If you're passionate about making a difference but concerned about costs, let's talk. Together, we can find a solution that respects both our values and budgets.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying updated is crucial. I keep a close eye on the latest trends and technologies that matter, ensuring you have access to the most innovative solutions available. 

My Mission

To help small businesses, coaches, and consultants in the creative and wellness industries craft a stunning, effortless online presence – taking it from overwhelming to manageable.

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"I firmly believe that when your small business thrives, society prospers. It isn't just my job to help you grow—it's my commitment to you, to our community, and to our planet."

— Jo Delacourt

Maven. Maker. Magic.

The Blog.

"Everyone needs a "Jo" of all trades! She's not afraid to dive into new technology, she's ultra organized and excels at project management, she has a strong understanding of online marketing, she can write copy, and her designs make you gasp "OMG, this is beautiful". There are few people who walk this Earth that have the suite of skills that Jo does."


Innovative ideas, digital marketing strategies, inspiration, & knowledge to help you with your social impact journey.

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