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Amplifying the Online Presence of Small Businesses, Coaches, and Consultants in the Creative and Wellness Industries

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Are you looking to craft a stunning and effortless digital presence that's uniquely yours?

Sit back and let me do the heavy lifting as you watch your business flourish.

I craft bespoke digital marketing services and share cutting-edge knowledge to fuel business growth.
But my work doesn't stop at business visibility—it's about making a real difference. I champion social change, uplift diverse communities, and foster inclusivity. 
Because when your small business thrives, society prospers. That's not just my job—it's my commitment to you, to our community, and to our planet. 
Whether you're part of the creative or wellness industries, or a progressive change-maker, together, let's disrupt the norm and drive your business towards sustainable growth and social change.

Hey, I'm Jo Delacourt. I help small businesses, coaches, and consultants in the creative and wellness industries craft a stunning, effortless online presence – taking it from overwhelming to manageable. Learn more about me here.


Imagine a world where...

Your unique voice captures the spotlight.

Your business thrives.

You're a catalyst for social change.


I can support you in this journey with simplified and effective online marketing.

What you need help with, and how I can help

Growth + Marketing Strategy Advice

Strategy Development: Whether it's your overall digital marketing strategysocial media content plan, or email marketing strategy, I'll work with you to enhance what's already in place or help you start from scratch if needed.

Websites + Sales Pages

Drafting Assistance: If you're just setting out, I'll assist you in drafting your initial website, sales pages, and sales emails. We'll focus on creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Comprehensive Review: I'll meticulously review your existing website, sales pages, or emails. My aim is to help you identify areas of improvement and provide actionable feedback.

Overwhelm + Burnout

Project Planning: Running a small business can be daunting, and burnout is a real risk. I'll guide you through effective project planning strategies, ensuring a smooth, sustainable journey for your business.

Accountability Partner: I serve as your accountability partner, holding your hand every step of the way and providing the ideal collaboration for those seeking guidance in developing specific aspects of their online presence, and helping you to stay on track at a pace that suits you.

Digital Marketing Tools + Tech

Expertise and Support: Embrace your passion and leave the technology worries to me. I'll guide you through essential tech tools, including project management software, CRM, websites, landing pages, email marketing, and online teaching platforms. With my expertise in AI tools, I'll teach you how to streamline your work processesoptimize tasks like content creation and project management, and drive efficiency and productivity.

"Jo's expertise in digital marketing has been transformative for the marketing of my program, Future Thought Leader. She knows exactly how many (and on which topic) emails should be written and created for me a series which not only met the industry norm of 2% conversion rate but also led to significant earnings ($8.9k banked). I can't recommend Jo enough!"

"I can’t decide if Jo is more like a Swiss army knife or a secret weapon. She's a gifted marketer – super smart, technically competent, efficient, and kind. She has been an incredible asset to our team and anyone looking for a savvy marketer would be lucky to work with her."

Together, we can create a digital marketing strategy that suits you and your business goals.

Work with me

No matter the area of work, there are three ways we can work together.

The Tutor Approach

Digital Marketing Training + Support

This approach is where I act as your Digital Marketing Tutor. It's ideal for:

  • an individual in a small business aiming to enhance their digital marketing expertise
  • an entry-level marketer seeking to develop skills, or
  • for those contemplating a career change.

This package can include critique and guidance in the form of weekly 1:1 coaching session with you or your marketing person, on the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing Growth Strategy
  • Website, SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing Strategies
  • Content Strategy + Delivery Plan via chosen platform (e.g. Podcast, YouTube, Blog etc.)


If you're keen to learn more about how I can help you develop your skills, or have specific questions, ask your question via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

The Conscious Collaboration Approach

Accountability Partner

If you're looking for someone to collaborate with and help guide you in the creation of specific areas of your online presence, then you're likely after an Accountability Partner. Tailored to your needs, this package can include:

  • Weekly 1:1 Strategy/ Accountability/ Training Sessions
  • Foundational Roadmap creation
  • Website, Sales Page, Email – design, critique and updates
  • SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing Strategy + Assistance
  • Content Strategy + Delivery Plan via chosen platform (e.g. Podcast, YouTube, Blog, Substack, etc.)


If you're keen to collaborate, start by booking your free 30-minute video call, where we can discuss your business challenges and aspirations and see if we're a good fit for one another.
The Hands-on Approach

Digital Marketing Consultant

If you're looking for someone to take a direct role in enhancing your online presence. Then The Hands-On Approach is for you. Tailored to your needs, this package can include:

  • Weekly 1:1 Marketing Meeting
  • Foundational Roadmap creation
  • Website, Sales Page, Email – copy, design, critique and updates
  • SEO and Email Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Blog Content Strategy + Delivery Plan
  • Marketing Metrics Tracking

From £800/per month

If you're keen to collaborate, start by booking your free 30-minute video call, where we can discuss your business challenges and aspirations and see if we're a good fit for one another.

I am a strong advocate for inclusive pricing. If you’re eager to collaborate, but are concerned about the pricing listed above, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me at and together, we can discuss a price arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Your financial constraints should not limit your access to quality service.

"Everyone needs a "Jo" of all trades! She's not afraid to dive into new technology, she's ultra organized and excels at project management, she has a strong understanding of online marketing, she can write copy, and her designs make you gasp "OMG, this is beautiful". There are few people who walk this Earth that have the suite of skills that Jo does."

"Working with Jo is always insightful and fun. From concept to completion, Jo’s always on top of it and has the knack of finding different perspectives or avenues to get the best out of the project, people or event. Working with her has grown our business and our expectations of what can be achieved."

"Jo has been an invaluable resource in helping me navigate the challenges of establishing and growing a new fitness business. One of the most daunting aspects for me was tackling the world of social media and email marketing. However, Jo's expertise and guidance have made this process much more manageable.

Together we have developed clear and easy-to-follow social media and email marketing plans. These plans have not only simplified the complex world of online marketing but have also been instrumental in driving growth for my fitness business.

I can't recommend Jo highly enough for anyone looking to enhance their business's online presence and marketing strategies."


Innovative ideas, digital marketing strategies, inspiration, & knowledge to help you with your social impact journey.

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